• Chesil Rocks

Chesil Rocks Environmental Song Writing Competition

For 2022, we are inviting applications from people of all ages to take part in an Environmental Songwriting Competition, and finalists will be rewarded with £1,000 worth of cash prizes to share.

Applicants may be amateur or professional, from a school, business or other association and the song may be of any genre. We would welcome either individual applications or collaborations, which could include the involvement of musicians, poets and scientists for example. Entries need to be original, likely to engage an audience and raise awareness about important environmental issues. They should seek to educate, inform and move the listener through the effective use of lyrics and musical composition.

Chesil Rocks will judge entries and select finalists, who will then be invited to perform their composition at Chesil Rocks on 18th June 2022.

The competition is free to enter, the closing date for submissions will be 1st June.

An application form can be found at https://www.chesilrocks.com/application-for-environmental-song, this can be copied as necessary.

Further information can be obtained from Tim & Hilary at chesilrocks@gmail.com