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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we find Chesil Rocks?

   Our postcode is DT3 4HX and the address is Higher Farmhouse, Shop Lane, Langton Herring. The village is situated a few miles west of Weymouth and one mile south of the B3157 Weymouth to Portesham road. As you approach the village, you will see Chesil Rocks signs.


Where can we park?

At our COMEDY NIGHT on Thursday 20th June, parking is available in the Elm Tree Inn overflow car park, in Church Hill outside the village hall and in Rodden Road either side of the old telephone box. There will be parking marshals there to assist and to ensure no obstructions are caused. Please do not park anywhere else.

At our PRELUDE EVENT on Friday 21st June, parking is available in the Elm Tree Inn overflow car park, in Church Hill outside the village hall and in Rodden Road either side of the old telephone box. There will be parking marshals there to assist and to ensure no obstructions are caused. Please do not park anywhere else.

At our MAIN EVENT on Saturday 22nd June, parking is available in the same farmer’s field as used at previous events. Follow the signs to CAR PARK and marshals will help you park safely. Please note, there is no overnight parking allowed in this car park and vehicles must not be left there overnight. The facility is given to us on the understanding that vehicles are not left there overnight. Please do not compromise this. Villagers have also been concerned about cars being left parked elsewhere in the village overnight, including in some cases reportedly being slept in.  We ask that people do not leave their cars parked anywhere in the village overnight and certainly not to sleep in them!  We have secured an overnight parking facility at Bagwell Farm, where cars may be left overnight – not for sleeping in - and they can be collected the next day.


Can we book taxis?

If you intend to get a taxi home, we suggest you either also get a taxi to the event or arrange to be dropped off.  Remember, no vehicles should be left parked in the village overnight after any of our events. For those wishing to leave their vehicles somewhere overnight only on the Saturday, we recommend that people park in the overnight parking facility at Bagwell Farm and from there, walk to the festival site. The taxi fare from Langton Herring to Weymouth town centre is about £14.

If booking a taxi, please ask for the taxi to meet you at the VILLAGE BUS STOP and refrain from asking to be met anywhere else, for example the Elm Tree Inn – which is near houses. In previous years, people waiting for a taxi near the bus stop have still managed to disturb residents! We ask people to respect our villagers and be as quiet as they possibly can. The majority of villagers support our event. Please do not compromise this.

Travelling to Chesil Rocks by bus?

You will need the X53 service and ask the driver to drop you off at Knights in the Bottom, just west of Chickerell. That is the closest bus stop to the festival site and it is a 15-20 minute walk. From the bus stop, follow the footpath towards Bagwell Farm campsite and from there, one of the two footpaths that will take you to Langton Herring and the event.

Can we park, drop off a disabled person or unload at the event site?

There is no parking at the event site for anyone on any of the three days. Those performing and who have instruments to unload, those who have a stall at the event or those who are disabled, should follow the signs for UNLOADING/DISABLED – which will take you directly to the festival site itself. Once unloaded, musicians, and stallholders and disabled persons’ vehicles MUST be moved to one of the car parking facilities.

Can we bring our own alcohol to Chesil Rocks?

The answer is no.  Please do not bring or try to bring any alcohol to the event.  It is incumbent upon us to ensure that alcohol consumption is legally and safely managed and to achieve that, we need to manage the sale and distribution of all alcohol on site.  Prices will be reasonable and generally less than in a pub.  Please remember that we are trying to raise funds for a crucial charity and we ask attendees to respect this.  It is a condition of entry that those attending, including their bags etc are likely to be subject to search. 

Proof of Age

Those who appear under the age of 25 are likely to be challenged by bar staff to prove their age. If you look under 25, although you are perhaps fortunate, you will need to bring suitable ID and only a photocard driving licence, a passport or a card bearing the PASS hologram will be acceptable. 


Can I bring my dog?

The answer is no. Please do not bring your dog to our event. No dogs are allowed at any Chesil Rocks events, in the festival arena, in the car park or anywhere else in the grounds of Higher Farmhouse. This includes all dogs, even well behaved dogs. Guide dogs are of course welcome!

Is Chesil Rocks under cover if it rains?

We have a large marquee, within which there will be one of our two stages and this structure will provide shelter in the event of rain, as will the main bar, which is also contained within a marquee.  There will be a number of gazebos around the arena under which shelter from the rain – or more hopefully sun - can be sought.  Remember this is England – expect changes in the weather. Although the weather is likely to be sunny and warm during the day, bring hot and sunny weather clothing, but also wet weather clothing and in particular warm clothing as temperatures are likely to drop significantly as the evening develops - as they normally do in June. Those attending can probably safely leave their skis at home however!  We will have on sale sun cream, ponchos, umbrellas and space blankets – priced almost at cost.

What does Chesil Rocks do to reduce its carbon footprint?

We will try really hard to reduce our carbon footprint in 2024, and are taking the following steps in order to achieve this:

1. Making sure our bars only use paper/cardboard straws and serve drinks in our reusable Chesil Rocks plastic glasses, which people can use throughout the day, take home as a memento and then bring back next year!

2. We only sell water in recyclable or compostable materials. Mains water is freely available.
3. All of our food outlets are from Dorset. We have also made sure our food outlets serve their products in compostable food containers and with bamboo/wooden cutlery.
4. Two out of our three food outlets will ensure at least one item on their menu, in addition to their standard menu options, is plant based.
5. At the end of the event, all our waste will be sorted through and as much of it as possible will be composted or recycled.
6. We use hundreds of cable ties each year. Nearly all of the ones we now use are reusable.

7. Nearly all of our acts, stallholders and indeed attendees are from Dorset.

8. We have solar panels on our roof, providing much of the electricity our event needs

Please also note that....

We take security and safety very seriously and will have effective systems in place to ensure people attending Chesil Rocks are safe. Please show respect to those who are performing this role.

By entering the festival, those attending should be aware that their photograph may be taken and that a condition of entry is that they consent to their photograph, or likeness being used without compensation on any publicity or social media, and that they release Chesil Rocks from any liability whatsoever.

If you have an enquiry or question that we haven't answered here, please email us on

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