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Saturday 22nd June - Chesil Rocks


We are currently working on our big event line-up on Saturday 22nd June.

Please see below for confirmed acts.

Royal Sounds


Reggae sensation Royal Sounds appear at Chesil Rocks this year – the first time we have had a reggae band!


Last year they toured across the UK and Europe, captivating audiences with their stage presence and thought-provoking lyrics on the oppression and social injustices within modern day society. Their music is inspired by Rastafari culture and contains profound messages of love and the importance of unity.


Their latest single Raggamuffin Soliders is taken from their new album Master Peace and ‘Royal Sounds are a force to be reckoned with as 2024 is set to be another unstoppable year for the band.' - Shades of Reality


Official video of Raggamuffin Soliders:

Latest Single:

Dorset Wreaks

Dorset Wrecks.jpg

Dorset Wrecks had their first gig in 2013, singing sea shanties in Weymouth harbour on a fishing boat named MV Freedom - helping to raise funds to take disabled people on sea cruises. 

They rehearse weekly, learning new songs improving harmonies, singing at weddings and festivals, and at fundraising and other events.

Their first CD of sea shanties and songs of the sea was entitled Bright Eyed ‘N’ Stiff - alluding to how to determine the freshness of fish being purchased, and their second CD was called Mackerel Skies. 

Dorset Wrecks do much to support local charities such as the Rotary Club, Fayre In The Square, the RNLI, SSAFA and numerous other causes.

Here are the wrecks singing at the Teignmouth Sea Shanty Festival last September:

Vanilla Radio

Vanilla Radio.jpg

We are delighted to announce that Dorset's 'funk explosion', Vanilla Radio, will be appearing at Chesil Rocks on 22nd June. 

Balance of Power

Balance of Power.jpg

Performing at Chesil Rocks on 22nd June will be Balance of Power - the ultimate tribute to 80's classic rock, covering songs from some of the greatest artists of all time including Bon Jovi, Queen, Toto, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Van Halen, Peter Gabriel, Journey and many more. 

Comprising top musicians with a wealth of experience together, they bring dynamic performances to every show and faithful reproductions of iconic tracks such as ' Livin on a Prayer', ‘Jump', ‘Rosanna', ‘One Vision', ‘Don't stop Believing' and a multitude of other loved tracks from that golden era. 

if you love 80's rock anthems, you will love Balance of Power, and they are guaranteed to have audiences jumping up and singing and dancing to every song!

Balance of Power are Phil Evans-Jones on lead vocals, Barbara Whiteside on keys and vocals, Paul Sundt on guitar and vocals, Michael Callaby on bass and Jack Pryor on drums and percussion. 


Balance of Power showreel:

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